Our Voices Film Festival

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OUR VOICES Short Film Festival is the brainchild of Aiden Cumming-Teicher a young actor and film-maker who feels that young people aren’t always heard, even though they have a lot to say. The hope is that the creation of this film festival allows other youth to find their voices too, to express their points of view and tell their stories.

The festival will culminate with a live screening of the finalists in their categories at the Hollywood 3 Cinema in Pitt Meadows, near Vancouver British Columbia on November 4th, 2017. Awards will be given out and announced at the end of the screening, so filmmakers and their families and friends are encouraged to attend!

This film is open to all youth who want to submit, ages 5 – 19. We ask that at least two of the categories are youth driven ( actors, director, writer, cinematographer). Drama, Comedy, Documentaries, PSAs , all are welcome.

Our festival has nominal entry fees; we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to enter and participate. We also accept experimental/smart phone films to be submitted!


All official selections will get official laurels via email.

We will be awarding the following categories at the live screening:

• Best International Production
• Best BC Production
• Best Canadian Production
• Best Microshort ( 1 min or less)
• Best PSA/ Awareness ( 1 min or less)
• Best Director
• Best Experimental
• Wildcard award

All finalists will all be awarded certificates via email, but if you are attending the live screening please let us know and we will present you with one in person.


By submitting, you are assuring us that you have the rights to the material in your film, and have obtained any necessary permissions and talent releases. We do not take any ownership of your material at all, and make no warranties that we will be able to include your film.

By entering, you also grant us permission to share your film in possible secondary screenings including partner festivals and online if your film is selected.

This film festival is open to all youth who ages 5 – 19; at least two of the categories have to be filled by people in that age rage. ( actors, director, writer, cinematographer).

We strive to be a green festival, so only accept digital entries ( no mailed DVDs)
Make sure your screener is available online, as well as accurate contact info and support material on your FilmFreeway project pages. For the live screening we make one single master film to include all the finalist films to streamline everything), so if we request a download of your film that is why. If you don’t respond on a timely fashion we may not be able to include it.

Because we will be having a live screening of the finalists, we have strict length requirements:
• Short films and Documentaries – Maximum of 10 mins
• Minute Films, PSAs – Maximum of 1 min

If your film is not in English, we ask that you please subtitle it in English so we can better appreciate it.


Will you post my short on-line for the public to see?
No. However, if you are one of the finalists and would like us to post your publicly available film on our FB page we are happy to.

My short has already screened at another festival or available online. Can I still enter?
Yes. We have no premiere eligibility requirements.

What short length eligibility requirements do you have?
10 mins MAX for short films, 1 min MAX for PSA and Micro-shorts.

Do you accept Works in progress?
No- it has to be a fully completed work

Will my short be screened?
As we get more submissions than we have time to screen,  only finalists will be screened live.

Exhibition format?
 If your short is selected we will send you an email  with specifications; we will need it provided as a downloadable file, and if you film has non-English dialogue it will need to have English subtitles.

When is your notification date and what is the notification process?
The notification date is by September 30th, and will be sent electronically via Film Freeway.


Thank you all for sending in your incredible work!  Below is the list of Official Selections!

Semi-finalists will be announced in September, and the FINALISTS to be screened at the live event in NOVEMBER notified not long after! 

Please note – our Festival screening will be entry by donation, with all proceeds to benefit the BC Children’s Hospital! More info on the Fundraiser: 



  • 4242 PORTUGAL
  • A House is not a home US
  • Animal Kingdom
  • A real choice CANADA
  • A special Place US
  • Acceptance US
  • Addicted * US
  • Aging Gracefully CANADA
  • apencil CANADA
  • Beauty beyond size US
  • Behind the Rocks CANADA
  • Between Two lands US
  • Beyond the Baton US
  • Birds CANADA
  • Blanche’s bichon buzz US
  • Blue Rose CANADA
  • Breathe CANADA
  • Bun Bun Blast CANADA
  • Chrysalis CHINA
  • Cigarettes and High Heels DENMARK
  • Clouds UK
  • Coffee mugged CANADA
  • Coincidence US
  • Collide US
  • Consensus CANADA
  • Damsels in Distress CANADA
  • Dead Wrong UK
  • Dear Congress US
  • Did you know? Edmonton Oilers CANADA
  • Dim and Dimmer CANADA
  • Don’t look under your bed AUSTRALIA
  • Don’t be a Dog, Don’t Text and Drive US
  • Don’t stop US
  • Eye for An Eye – Sibling Justice   CANADA
  • Follow me Home US
  • Head or Tail INDIA
  • Hear the Sea Sing CANADA
  • Help Stop the Cycle of Domestic Abuse US
  • His First Time CANADA
  • Home CANADA
  • Homo Sapiens AUSTRALIA
  • How to be a man US
  • Hung Between the Sky and the Earth ITALY
  • I am a glitch US
  • If I could choose SERBIA
  • I’m still Hear SPAIN
  • In Ten Years   US
  • Iridescence     CANADA
  • Is home really home? US
  • Is it worth it US
  • I’ve just had a dream SPAIN
  • Journey AUSTRALIA
  • Joya Mia US
  • June and The Jones- Before the Moonrise FRANCE
  • Justin CANADA
  • Kindness CANADA
  • KWApumentary CANADA
  • Laila MEXICO
  • Leo Justi- Passinho BRASIL
  • Lisp US
  • Listen CANADA
  • Luz US
  • Luke’s Big Day CANADA
  • Maquina SPAIN
  • Mind Game Demon CANADA
  • Mirror!    US
  • Knives RUSSIA
  • Mistakes  INDIA
  • My Heart IRAN
  • My little Brother NEW ZEALAND
  • Naya Murda INDIA
  • New Year IRAQ
  • Night Owl High CANADA
  • One Point Less on the Sky SPAIN
  • One Wipe Wonder CANADA
  • Paige’s Pantry- Smores in a Pan        CANADA
  • Palehound “If You Met Her” US
  • Parasite ISRAEL
  • Philophobia CANADA
  • Pigeon-Holed US
  • Pirates CANADA
  • Please see me IRAN
  • Pollyanna CANADA
  • Post Office US
  • Quotidian CANADA
  • Raw Art Works: Home US
  • Recess US
  • Recorded CANADA
  • Rwanda New era football RWANDA
  • Saint Best/ Vincent Bowman? DENMARK
  • Saving Ryan’s Privates CANADA
  • Seeds US
  • Shark Mist CANADA
  • Sirinbird RUSSIA
  • Sit Down Rise up CANADA
  • Snowflakes Music video CANADA
  • Sleuth CANADA
  • Some Bunny’s Story US
  • Status US
  • Stop Drinking ( Esiri) CANADA
  • Stuffing SOUTH AFRICA
  • Stupid Smartphone Therapy CANADA
  • Switzerland CANADA
  • Tempered by Fire US
  • The Autumn Fairytale CANADA
  • The Fortune Teller CANADA
  • The girl and the fish TAIWAN
  • The Ice Caps ( Or The night He said I love you)  US
  • the kiss which seeks me SPAIN
  • The Little Girl’s First week of school: Photonic Propulsion Explained CANADA
  • The party US
  • The sentinel CANADA
  • The unforeseen AUSTRALIA
  • They Said, But US
  • To All the Rest CANADA
  • To you CANADA
  • Today? AUSTRALIA
  • Towards a Sun GERMANY
  • Toys CANADA
  • Trouble CANADA
  • TV Guide CANADA
  • Two of Five million US
  • Une Societe, Plus Des cultures REPUBLIC OF CONGO
  • Vessel US
  • What Now? US
  • Who Plays Othello? ITALY
  • Why they matter US
  • Wonder CANADA
  • Worksafe Bullying CANADA
  • Zero mm  IRAQ