2017 Finalists


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Our thanks to everyone that submitted! These are the FINALISTS that will be screened live at our event on November 4th! If you are planning to attend the screening, please note that admission will be by donation  and all proceeds go to benefit BC Children’s Hospital.  More info on the Fundraiser click here.

If you are a finalist and are attending the live screening please let us know, as we will have the  printed finalist certificates to hand out. We also hope to tape short interviews with finalists, so if this is something that interests you please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.

Thank you for all the amazing projects; choosing a selection of them was very difficult. We hope that many of you can join us!

TO BE ANNOUNCED  at the Festival Screening

  • Best International Production- TBA
  • Best BC Production- TBA
  • Best Canadian Production – TBA

Best Microshort or PSA ( 1 min or less)

  • Worksafe Bullying (CANADA)
  • Don’t be a Dog, Don’t Text and Drive (US)
  • Is it worth it (US)
  • Blanche’s Bichon Buzz (US)
  • A House is not a home (US)
  • They Said, But (US)

Best Experimental /Web Content

  • Paige’s Pantry (CANADA)
  • Photonic Propulsion explained by a first grader (CANADA)
  • Pollyanna (CANADA)
  • Did you know? *Edmonton Oilers (CANADA)
  • Homo Sapiens (AUSTRALIA)

Best Sci-Fi/ Fantasy

  • The Fortune Teller (CANADA)
  • Behind the Rocks (CANADA)
  • The sentinel (CANADA)
  • Justin (CANADA)

Best Documentary

  • KWApumentary (CANADA)
  • Dear Congress (US)
  • How to be a man (US)
  • New Year (Iraq)
  • Pigeon Holed (US)

Best Comedy

  • Recess (US)
  • TV Guide (CANADA)
  • His First Time (CANADA)
  • Pirates (CANADA)
  • Damsels in Distress (CANADA)
  • Eye for an Eye: Sibling Justice (CANADA)
  • Seeds (US)
  • Coincidence (US)
  • Post Office (US)

Best Drama

  • Listen (CANADA)
  • Parasite/Pain in The Neck (ISRAEL)
  • I’ve just had a dream (SPAIN)
  • Stupid Smartphone Therapy (CANADA)
  • Blue Rose (CANADA)
  • Between Two Lands (US)
  • My Heart (IRAN)
  • Some Bunny’s Story (US)
  • Who Plays Othello (ITALY)
  • One Less Point in the Sky (SPAIN)
  • Today? (AUSTRALIA)

Best Music Video

  • Switzerland (CANADA)
  • Snowflakes (CANADA)
  • Follow Me Home (US)
  • Palehound – If you Met Her (US)
  • June and The Jones – Before the Moonrise (FRANCE)
  • Towards a Sun (AUSTRALIA)

Best Spoken Word

  • To you (CANADA)
  • A Special Place (US)
  • What now? (US)
  • Is Home really home? (US)
  • Tempered by Fire (US)

Tikkun Olam / Rebuilding the World- Award

  • Acceptance (US)
  • Snowflakes (CANADA)
  • KWApumentary (CANADA)
  • How to be a man (US)
  • Today? (AUSTRALIA)

Wildcard award

  • Apencil (CANADA)
  • TV Guide (CANADA)
  • One Less Point in the Sky (SPAIN)
  • Photonic Propulsion Explained by a First Grader (CANADA)

Best Young Female Performer

  • I’ve just had a dream – Andrea Mas
  • His first time – Angie Hawes
  • Eye for An eye – Paige Bateman
  • Blue Rose – Maia Costea
  • Acceptance – Bella Martinez

Best Young Male Performer

  • His First Time – Danny Bristol
  • The fortune Teller – Aias Dalman
  • Justin – Cody Davis
  • One Less point in the sky -Roberto Carlos Marrero
  • Consensus- Peter Bundic

Best Young Filmmaker

  • Recess – Aidan Wonderling
  • Behind the Rocks- Maia Costea
  • His First Time- Angie Hawes
  • Coincidence – Ella Warner
  • Some Bunny’s Story – Isabella Masrouga

Best Thriller

  • Shark Mist (Canada)
  • Sleuth (Canada)
  • Consensus (Canada)
  • Recorded (Canada)

Scene Stealer

  • Joshua Costea – Consensus
  • Kaiden Downie -Pirates
  • Peter Bundic -Pirates
  • Dustin McCrindle – TV Guide
  • Janette Bundic – Snowflakes

Young Future Star

  • Carla Costea – The Fortune Teller
  • Aias Dalman – The Fortune Teller
  • Aidan Wonderling – Recess
  • Sabrina Anderson- Did you know?
  • Izabel Pearce – Behind the Rocks



KWApumentary   ( documentary )   A documentary feat the Kodiaks with a Purpose, a organization with a goal to help homelessness in the lower mainland

Worksafe Bullying (PSA) Bullying doesn’t just happen to kids…

Switzerland  (Music Video)

Snowflakes   (Music  video)      I created this music video hoping that I can touch the lives of others and inspire them to stay strong and be open about themselves, and most of all know that they are not alone and that help is always there. It is easier said than done, but when things are going so bad, we can try to find that one small glimmer of hope inside us and hold on to it because that is the fire that will bring us back.               

Blue Rose (drama)  Best friends Emma and Ben grew up together and often challenge each other, until the day a dare goes too far and their world is forever changed.

To you (spoken word ) It wasn’t love at first sight, it crept up on me, slow and steady. But when I look back at us now, our love is a whirlwind.

Listen (Drama) Communication breakdown ….

The Fortune Teller (Fantasy/ Sci Fi) Three friends don’t heed to the warning of a young boy who tells them to be careful what they wish for, when they find his paper fortune teller.

TV Guide (Comedy) A man in a TV attempts to get a casual couch potato outside.

Behind the Rocks (Fantasy) After finding a golden rock in her garden, a girl goes on an unexpected adventure with her friends.               

The sentinel (Sci Fi) Three students are in a virtual school and realize that it’s not what they thought. They go on an adventure to see what the real world looks like.

His First Time  (Comedy) A young man always remembers his “first time”. First time being truthful that is. Watch as he learns a valuable life lesson from his girlfriend….sometimes it is best NOT to tell the truth.      

Shark Mist  (SciFi) Students are warned to stay out of the forest where a mysterious mist contains hungry sharks.       

Justin            (Fantasy) Caleb, a timid, 14 year old who develops an imaginary friend named Justin ; however, once Caleb becomes acquainted with his female classmate Jen, he strolls free from Justin for independence. The story now focuses on Justin and his path on integrating into society, no longer being imaginary.

Pirates ( Comedy) A mermaid’s treasure has been stolen, it will take teamwork to get it back!

Consensus (Drama)                Six teens become stranded in the woods when their teacher dies in a freak accident. They huddle to plan their survival. Using the meeting tools they learned about in school, they seek the optimal solution through consensus. But in analogy to the business term “death by process”, aiming for consensus impedes them to make any decision.

Sleuth ( Thriller)      I’m not a cop, and I never wanted to be one.

apencil         (Experimental) aCompany brings out their new product; aPencil. This is their new commercial, and see what the product brings to the world.

Photonic Propulsion  explained by a first grader (Web/New Media) This is a short documentary about photonic propulsion, in which a 6-year-old girl explains photonic propulsion to her mother.               

Recorded  ( Thriller) Through the curiosity of watching a found footage film, a group out friends watch a horror movie that, without their knowledge, will soon become a disaster. With mysterious disappearances, and tension building, the group of friends watching the movie find out their future a little too late…                     

Pollyanna (Experimental) A young girl’s internal struggle is expressed through a contemporary dance.

Damsels in Distress  (Comedy)          Prince Charming doesn’t always find what he’s looking for. This isn’t your average fairytale.

Did you know? Edmonton Oilers   (Experimental)  Sabrina gets to learn all about the Edmonton Oil Kings Hockey in a Did You Know special.                        

Stupid Smartphone Therapy (Drama)             The social impacts of various technological innovations are redefining the role of human relationships and communication in a growing globally connected and diverse digital world. Meet Serena, a biracial German teenager on a dream vacation to Canada with Henok, her smartphone addicted workaholic father. Serena’s dream vacation is quickly tuned into a puzzling and challenging nightmare of personal conflicts involving smartphones, identity, belonging and jiujitsu.

Eye for an Eye – Sibling JusticeComedy  ) A short tale of how two siblings quarrel and argue with each other about almost everything. One morning Taylor the older sibling is woken up by her younger sibling in a most unfortunate manner. Taylor must either accept the younger sibling’s heartfelt apology or take sibling justice into her own hands.

Paige’s Pantry – Smore’s in a Pan ( CANADA) This is Episode 1 of Paige’s Pantry – Smore’s in a Pan – Camping Theme – this is a children’s cooking demonstration video, it provides the necessary steps and recipe information to allow for any child 6+ to successfully create their own dish with their parents guidance and assistance. Each episode is rated for level of difficult to help families understand how complicated a particular dish may be to create.


Homo Sapiens          (animation-Australia)    Inhabitants of Planet Earth.

Dear Congress           (Documentary- US)         A very short visual letter to Congress from some children of America. Understanding that there are problems in Congress, they share what they have been told about how to get along.

How to be a man (Documentary-US)              This short documentary examines our perceptions of masculinity and gender roles, and asks the question: “What does it mean to be a man?”

New Year (Documentary-Iraq)          New Year eve and a group of Yazidi refugee children at Ashti Camp in Iraqi Kurdistan, are preparing to celebrate the end of the year in their own style, and making their resolutions.

Raw Art Works: Home           (Documentary-US)          Students find home through their art.

Pigeon-Holed (Documentary, LGBT-US ) An exploration of the positive and negative effects of labels on queer youth.

Don’t be a Dog, Don’t Text and Drive (PSA-US)          Don’t Be a Dog, Don’t Text and Drive addresses distracted driving in a fun, yet informative light.

Is it worth it (PSA-US             ) A public service announcement showing the dangers of texting while driving

Blanche’s bichon buzz           (microshort-US ) Buzzworthy Bichon Frise’ Blanche DuBois Sharp accidentally unleashes her bladder on the pristine floor of Grandma’s house. In order to escape her soap-and-watery fate, Blanche must outrun her pursuers.

A House is not a home          (microshort-US ) Art of Words x Real to Reel

They Said, But           (microshort-US ) Why we don’t listen to naysayers.

Follow me Home (music video-US)               

Palehound “If You Met Her” (music  video-US)       

June and The Jones- Before the Moonrise (music video-France)     

Towards a Sun (music video-Australia)         

Between two lands (drama-US)      The town of Naco is divided by a wired fence that separates Mexico and the U.S. When a group of kids put their differences aside and focus on playing an innocent game of volleyball, it makes them realize that language and culture is nothing but a wall.

Seeds            (comedy/ kids-                 US)         Two men argue over a packet of seeds until a young boy sees the true answer to their conflict. And so the seeds of cooperation are sewn.

My Heart (Drama-Iran)         A touching story about the love students have for their teacher.

A special Place (Spoken Word-US) Home is where your couch is.  

Recess          (Comedy-US)   Recess is a comedic short film about a boy and his tough choices at recess. With only 15 minutes of free time, deciding what to do is often the hardest part of the day.

What Now?                (Spoken Word-US)         Stand with the outcasts or refrain.

Is home really home?            (Spoken Word- US)         Within my mind, I have bliss.

Acceptance !! (Drama-US) A girl who is socially challenged would rather read a book than interact with her peers. When a girl with special needs approaches her, again…and again…and wont give up….then, she finally learns to “accept”.

Some Bunny’s Story (Drama-US) When a young girl receives a toy bunny, it becomes more precious to her than she ever imagined.        

Tempered by Fire (Spoken-US)         Scornful, fire, heated makes a home.

Who Plays Othello? (Drama-Italy) A crew of italian black boys is studying Shakespeare’s Othello to put it on stage, but when it comes the time to assign the main part…          

Coincidence (Comedy-US) This short film is about a girl, who sees a boy in many places, but he is a strong distraction for the girl to focus on her homework. Will she choose the homework? or the boy?    

Parasite/Pain in The Neck (Drama-Israel)     Yaara makes an effort to ignore Shai’s egocentric behavior and hold on to the Shai she thought was familiar to her, but as time goes by she realizes that he doesn’t relate to her as a partner, and perhaps isn’t the right person for her after all.

Post Office (Comedy-US) Mia, the sales clerk of a drab publishing company,  tries to spread happiness through her office in the simplest of ways–appealing to each person through personalized post it notes.

I’ve just had a dream (Drama-Spain)  Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.

One Less Point in the Sky (?  (Drama, LGBT- Spain) Miguel, a teenager that discovers an unexpected love for his best friend Lucas, who wants desperately to be a popular guy at school.

Today?  (Drama- Australia) Katie is a young and shy child. She’s never had any friends but after her move to a new city, her father is encouraging her to make friends with her fresh start. On Katie’s first day of school she attempts to make friends but finds herself unable to talk to the other children. She must find the courage within herself to be brave.