2018 Finalists


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Our thanks to everyone that submitted! These are the FINALISTS that will be screened live at our event on November 10th at the Cinematheque! If you are planning to attend the screening, please note that admission will be by donation and all proceeds go to benefit the Gaby Davis Foundation.

If you are a finalist and are attending the live screening please let us know, as we will have the printed finalist certificates to hand out. Thank you for all the amazing projects; choosing a selection of them was very difficult. We hope that many of you can join us!

TO BE ANNOUNCED at the Festival Screening

• Best International Production- TBA
• Best BC Production- TBA
• Best Canadian Production – TBA
• Gaby Davis Award- TBA

Best Documentary

• Kung Fu Chit
• The Missing Element
• Simple Math
• Choose Kind

Best Microshort or PSA

• A Clean Perspective
• Bringing Schools Where There Are none
• You Can

Best Experimental

• My Black Is
• Never Enough
• Anxiety

Best Web Content

• Did you know – EPS Canine Unit
• Strangers ( Music Video)


• Dreamers
• Joy Unbroken
• Mia
• Someone Good Will find You

Drama 14+

• Proclaim the Silent Devil
• Shadow Behind
• Our Place


• Do You Wanna Jam?
• How to go on a Date
• Tough Guy
• With Love, From God


• Bubble Gum
• Diner in the Stars
• Stereo

Best Director

• Ella Fields – BubbleGum
• Alejandro Lombard – Joy Unbroken
• Octavian Kaul – Mia
• Anahita Seraji- Shadow Behind
• Ross Branch- Proclaim the Silent Devil

Best Actor

• Trevor Walls – How to Go on a Date
• Henry McCreight – PTSD
• Lavnesh Kadam- PTSD
• Julien Hicks – Do You Wanna Jam
• Sam Mitchell – Diner in the Stars

Best Actress

• Laine Taylor – How to go on a Date
• Maira Gimenes – Shadow Behind
• Tess Kotchonoski- Mia
• Maraya Franca- Diner in the Stars
• Eleanor Bastable- Bubble Gum

Best Young Actor

• Aias Dalman- Tough Guy
• Justin Wang- Tough Guy
• Altarius Shu – Someone Good Will Find You

Best Young Actress

• Joanna Pidocke – With Love, From God
• Gisele Thompson – Dreamers
• Taya Fields- Stereo