Vancouver based WeeGamers Pictures is a film production company based in Vancouver, Canada.  It was established in 2016 as a way to tell independent stories and different perspectives done on a small budget.

We are thankful for the local talent in British Columbia, many of which have volunteered their time and expertise to help us create this films. Entirely volunteer-run, our goal is to create 1-2 short films a year to enter in film festivals and screen publicly. We specialize in short films, favoring quirky situations or hard to classify genres. Primarily we focus on science fiction and fantasy films, all with a family friendly focus.

In 2017 we started a short film festival with live screenings, Our Voices Film Festival, as a way of giving back to the community and giving a forum to other young filmmakers wanting to express themselves through their work.  All proceeds were donated to the BC Children’s Hospital.  In 2018 we continue with the festival, and this year’s proceeds will be donated to the Gaby Davis Foundation helping families affected by childhood cancer.


You can find us on IMDb: https://goo.gl/